Applications for Hot Oil Pumps


If you want to ensure your entire heating operation is well maintained and performing optimally, you need the best hot oil pumps in the industry.

Your plant can run into a huge loss in case of a breakdown caused by fouled hot oil. Also, if you try to remedy the problem on your own, it could result to even more severe damage to your machines and eventual downtime, causing you losses.

The decision to purchase high-quality oil pumps from PumpBiz is worth it if you want to maintain your operability and profitability. This article mentions some of the main benefits of having high-quality hot oil pumps in your production facility.

  1. Efficiency in operations 

Research has shown that hot pumps’ degraded and contaminated oil usages account for between 80-85% of heat transfer and efficiency problems.

However, it is possible to reduce this inefficiency in production by acquiring high-quality hot oil pumps. Most of the high-quality hot oil pumps come with hot oil filtration systems to reduce such problems.

  1. Reduce tear and wear 

The root cause of wear and tear in thermal fluid system process pumps and valves are the tiny particles that get past the inefficient in-line strainers. The particles can build up on the pipings and heater to control the temperature demand from the heater. This process leads to more contamination as more particles are produced.

The life and usability of the thermal fluid and other expensive machine components are also affected. The thermal oil, one of the most expensive components of the entire system, is damaged by the unfiltered particles that accumulate with time. When the microparticles build up with time, they become a catalyst for chemical reactions, reducing the quality and the usefulness of the hot oil.

  1. Reduced cost of operation 

The only reason you should look forward to replacing your existing hot oil pumps with high-quality ones is to help you cut costs in the production process. Valves, rotating components, and pumps are usually damaged when you don’t apply the right amount of hot oil.

This usually affects the overall performance of all production machines in your facility, slowing production.

When you don’t have quality hot oil pumps in your production process, excess contamination can overload the expensive components of the machine, and you may be forced to replace some parts with time. It adds up to the cost of production and maintenance.

  1. No more fluid leaks 

Only a quality hot oil pump can save you the cost of replacing machine fluid oil every time. In most cases, the contamination of thermal fluid can compromise some hot oil pumps, causing fluid leaks.

Leaking hot oil is dangerous to your working environment, equipment close to the pumps, and those operating the machines because of the high temperatures of the fluid. When fluid leaks occur, it means your plant will shut down as repairs are done on the machine to fix heater elements and other rotating components of the machine.

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