Do You Know What You Should Do If Your Child Chips Any Tooth?


Teeth are an important aspect of your child’s development. They play an important role in numerous milestones along their path to adulthood, including the first tooth, braces, and retainers, brushing of their own, and those humorous gap-toothed smiles while they lose any tooth. Teeth are frequently associated with happy experiences.

The dreaded chipped tooth in a baby or toddler is prevalent during childhood. Fortunately, most children have a chipped tooth when their primary teeth are also present, which will eventually be replaced by secondary/adult teeth.

If your child’s tooth chips, loosens or falls out, don’t be alarmed. Allow a pediatric dentist Cypress TX to assess and treat the damage as early as possible. Early tooth trauma might also lead to adult tooth problems as your child will grow older.

What you should do if your child ever chips his/her tooth

What should you do if your child’s tooth is chipped? The first thing that you must remember is to maintain your composure. Follow these measures before taking your child to the Cypress TX pediatric dentist or the hospital for treatment:

  1. Examine your youngster to discover whether he or she is having problems swallowing or breathing. This could mean they have swallowed a piece of the chipped teeth. In this event, go to the nearest emergency room as early as possible.
  2. Examine your child’s mouth for any signs of trauma. If the injury appears to be life-threatening, get treatment at an urgent care center or an emergency room. Otherwise, contact The Cypress pediatric dentist to book an appointment.
  3. If the fragment of a missing tooth has not been swallowed, look for it. There is a possibility, as it can be fused back into place if it is small enough. If you are lucky enough to find the chip that is missing, keep it in a certain airtight and clean container and then bring it to a pediatric dentist with you.

Avoid fixing any chipped tooth temporarily at home

We don’t encourage attempting to repair a chipped tooth in a youngster at home. Rather, attempting to repair a chipped tooth in a child or toddler on your own may exacerbate the situation. Instead, turn to a skilled professional, such as a dentist at any dental clinic, who can give necessary care and get your child back to playing and eating in no time

How tooth trauma may affect your kids later?

Tooth trauma at an early age might have long-term consequences. A child’s nerve damage from early dental trauma may develop later in life. Sometimes the harm is obvious right away, but some other times it takes months or sometimes even years to manifest.

Trauma can cause inflammation, which might eventually destroy the tooth’s nerve or root. If this continues, then a root canal will be required in future. In severe situations, the tooth may even need to be extracted. As a result, it is vital to tell your dentist about any recent traumatic events so that he or she can get the necessary X-ray done to check if there are any issues.

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