Eye Care: When to Replace Your Contact Lenses


Do you find it difficult to see the objects in front? Or are your eyes irritated when you put on contact lenses? These are some clear indications that it’s time to switch to new lenses.

Contact lenses should make it easy to see things when you have eye problems. However, they require maximum maintenance and good hygiene to remain efficient. Here are some instances you should consider changing your contact lenses.

1 – Lenses are Blurry

If you want to see clearly, your contact lenses must be clear too. That said, you should keep checking your contact lenses often for clarity. If your contact lenses are more complex than you want, they could have some bacteria on them.

You can use contact lens solution to clean and rinse the contact lens, then put them back in. This way, you can check if the Premier Vision contact lens works perfectly.

2 – Damaged Lenses

Carefully examine your contact lenses for any signs of tear, crack, or damage. If you notice any tears on your contact lenses, it is time to replace them because they may not function properly. If you put on damaged lenses, you cause irritation and scratches on the eye cornea.

3 – Comfort Issues

Are you having any comfort issues when on contact lenses? If your contact lenses cause irritation on the eye or are uncomfortable, it is a sign the lenses are accumulating deposits or becoming older. You should discontinue using the lenses and get a brand new pair of contact glasses in the lenses industry.

4 – Expiry Data

Yes, contact lenses also have an expiry date. For instance, Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (RGP) should last several months to a year. For extended-wear soft lenses, this may only last up to 30 days. Also, your contact lenses last longer when well maintained.

If you’re putting prescription contact lenses, keep checking the expiry date. Replace your contact lenses before they expire to protect your eye cornea from damage.

Final Thoughts

Your eye care professional will always recommend a replacement schedule for your contact lenses. You should stick to this schedule and replace your contact lenses when possible. Not replacing your contact lenses on time can result in discomfort, changes in vision, and irritation.

Once you notice these signs, you should not hesitate to contact Premier Vision and your eye care provider for contact lens replacement.

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