Get A Good Reliable Podiatrist for Treating Your Flat Foot Problem


Any individual can naturally have a flat foot, which is also called pes planus. This deformity develops when the posterior tibial tendon present at the back of the lower leg becomes weak and the arches on the foot are fattened.

Symptoms for flat feet:

  • Pain around the arch area or heel
  • Swelling around the inner ankle
  • Trouble in standing at tiptoe
  • One or both feet would look flat
  • Feeling of wearing uneven shoes
  • Unstable posture puts pressure on joints due to which there might be pain in the hip, knees, or lower back
  • Can lead to arthritis.

Need of a podiatrist

Usually, a flat foot should not interfere in daily activities, but when it becomes painful, weak or stiff then one needs to consult a good podiatrist. Rather individuals with flat feet often injure their ankles and suffer from balance problems. Some have only one foot affected even they are also advised not to ignore this condition.

A structural imbalance or injury to the foot might also make you suffer from arch pain in which there is a burning sensation or inflammation at the arch of the foot. If the pain is mild, you might get some relief by icing the painful area. However, if it is persistent or recurrent pain with swelling, weakness, or redness then you should see a podiatrist.

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Treatment for flat feet problem

There are a series of normal tests for diagnosing flat foot problems like an x-ray, CT scan, MRI, or an ultrasound of the feet. Treatment becomes essential when the tight thick tissue connecting your heel bone to the toes called the plantar fascia becomes inflamed, stiff, or irritated. You might get sharp or dull pain at the bottom of your heels, which worsens due to prolonged weight-bearing.

Prolonged flat foot problem leads to plantar fasciitis in which the connective tissue, which forms the foot arch, gets affected. This can be painful if left untreated. More stress placed on the tissue might lead to the development of microtears. This may further lead to a bony growth called a heel spur.

Consulting a good podiatrist will help you in getting the right treatment for your flat feel problems. They will suggest:

  • Therapy
  • arch supports
  • supportive shoe
  • Muscle-strengthening exercises
  • Kinesiology Taping is taping your feet with flexible cotton tape for arch foot support
  • stretching exercises

A good podiatrist specializes in therapies and orthodontic treatments and less in surgery. Therefore, it is always advisable to get your flat foot problems treated soon rather than leaving it to create further complications.


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