September 23, 2023


The medical laser industry has significantly grown over the last decade as the technology advances and gets more accessible and affordable. The extensive growth can be credited to the increasing preference for minimally and non-invasive medical procedures. Today, people want minimally or non-invasive surgeries with faster recovery, reduced scarring, better control of bleeding, fewer post-surgery infections, and more accuracy. Thankfully, technological advances in surgical techniques and equipment have dramatically transformed surgical procedures by providing minimally invasive surgeries.

These non-invasive procedures provide the same outcomes as the traditional open surgeries but with added advantages like fewer complications, more accuracy, less bleeding, less scarring, and faster recovery times. Furthermore, aging patients are fragile, and thus the need for minimally invasive devices when performing surgeries becomes more important.

According to the laser trader, the adoption of medical lasers will propel the product demand because they facilitate less pain, minimal incisions, and faster recovery. Moreover, the continuing developments of laser-assisted devices for providing advanced procedures in the healthcare industry with less complication riks will also support further growth of the medical laser industry.

Here’s a more profound review of some factors propelling the medical laser industry to further heights.

The growing awareness and acceptance of non-invasive surgical procedures

The dermatology industry is predicted to witness a more than 15% growth rate by 2027 attributed to the various applications of medical lasers in aesthetic medicine. Medical lasers have so far proven their effectiveness in treating primary skin diseases and cutaneous malignancies. Furthermore, the general population’s growing awareness and acceptance of non-invasive medical procedures will even propel the medical laser industry further.

Increasing use of laser-based equipment in hospitals

The presence of state-of-the-art equipment and skilled laser specialists has contributed to the growth of the medical laser industry. Today, many patients prefer hospitals with advanced equipment and better patient care. As more hospitals enhance their infrastructure, several hospitals are adopting laser equipment which will enhance the medical laser industry further.

High acceptance of diode lasers in cosmetic surgeries

In 2020, diode lasers captured a whopping 31% of the medical lasers market share attributed to the high usage of diode lasers in the healthcare industry. The best thing about diode lasers is that they guarantee accuracy and reduce post-surgery complications in aesthetic surgeries. The fact that they are minimally invasive will broaden treatment accessibility and stimulate the industry’s expansion.

Technological advances of medical lasers

Another factor that will most likely spur the growth of the medical laser industry is the growing technological advances of medical lasers. There is a considerable demand for aesthetic procedures in the healthcare industry, which has provided growth opportunities for the industry participants, including the medical laser manufacturers.

Product collaborations and innovations

Leaders in the medical laser industry are developing various growth strategies such as partnerships, collaborations, mergers, and launches to strengthen their market share. Hospitals, specialty clinics, and other facilities in healthcare are expected to drive the growth of the medical laser industry more in the coming years.

In conclusion

With the increasing awareness and preference of minimally and non-invasive surgical treatments, the medical laser industry is expected to grow more in the years to come.

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