How To Become A Security Guard?


A security guard or security guard is paid to protect people, goods, places, property, or assets. The private security and protective services industry is vital and necessary, so there is no shortage of job openings, making it a prevalent profession for job seekers.

This is a field that is in high demand, so the chances of getting a job as a security guard are very high. The requirements to become a security guard can be different from state to state.

Most security guards are hired by private companies looking for protection. No matter where in the world you live, there is always a great need for safety and surveillance. However, training needs and regulations vary by state and, obviously, by country.

A security guard’s duties can be very different depending on the company hiring, the position being sought, or the location or people to be protected. For example, an unarmed security guard has other responsibilities and duties than armed security in Pittsburgh (one trained to carry weapons while on duty). Or again, some security guards will be required to patrol, and others will be required to remain stationary. In either case, security guard work generally involves:

  • Identifying and preventing risk situations
  • We are communicating with the police and assisting them if necessary
  • It is assisting people in emergencies that may arise
  • It is preventing and reducing criminal activity

As mentioned before, the demand for security guards is very high. As long as you meet the requirements and have completed the proper training, you have a great chance of getting a job with ease.

Whether through companies and businesses looking to hire their security employees or through security companies looking to engage groups of agents to distribute to several of their clients, your chances of being employed are great.

Some states require the candidate to obtain a license before seeking employment and applying as a security guard. For example, in California and Illinois, you need a card that identifies you as a security guard, which is issued by the state. This card proves your fingerprint check to verify your background.

After working as a security guard and having gained some experience, some decide to train and prepare themselves further to get a license or permit to become an armed member.

Armed security training in Pittsburgh is more complex and demanding, for obvious reasons, and the percentage of people who manage to pass the tests is quite a bit smaller.

The preparation, the courses, and the exam always include shooting range testing. Training companies or shooting ranges always provide weapons for practice and the exam.

You need to learn the basics of firearms handling, safety in use, and to know the different types of weapons. And of course, you also need the most important thing, to understand the existing law and regulations for firearms, to know who can use guns and who cannot.

After completing the training and passing the exams, a massive range of job possibilities will open up. Many security guard positions require some firearms permit, and usually, those positions are better paid.

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