How to Download the Class 9 Hindi Book Solutions?


Class 9 is an important stage in a student’s life as it prepares them for the upcoming Board examination, which they will be sitting for a year later. It develops their intellect and makes them mature enough to choose a stream of their choice after the 10th Board examinations. But before one is capable of doing so, it is important to understand and grasp what is being taught in the Class 9th syllabus to fare well in the 10th examinations. This is because most of the concepts and the topics that are designed for the Class 10th syllabus have their roots present in the syllabus of the Class 9th

Many people feel Hindi is an easy subject, where scoring marks is a piece of cake. But they fail to realize that Hindi as a subject that falls under the category and field of Literature is not as easy as many claim it to be. Students often lose their marks because of the wrong use of grammar and the many spelling mistakes that they unknowingly commit. 

Another reason involving the deduction of marks in their answer scripts is the blind memorizing of the answers and the exercises. This is not new to students, as they are often advised by the elderly to mug up the answers in a parrot fashion, claiming it to be a good source of attaining high scores. But this practice results in the bad performance of the student in the examination hall, because in following this pattern of learning where they have failed to understand and comprehend the deeply layered meanings that the text offers. 

A literary subject such as Hindi often demands the opinions and insights of the readers, in this case, the students. But in mugging up the answers, the students fail to use their creative and imaginative abilities, resulting in blind narrating of the answers without having any opinion of their own. This practice not only affects the child in their upcoming exams but also poses a great threat in their future endeavours, due to the result of such a routine, they are unable to develop their imaginative, creative and cognitive abilities. 

On other occasions, it is often noticed that students, as means of a shortcut, skip reading the chapters and directly resort to reading the exercise questions. To avoid this, the first thing that the student needs to do is to devise a routine, planning and allocating an equal amount of time to every subject in their curriculum. This will help the student complete the day to day tasks within the given time span without having any pending work or assignment left. This gives the student enough time to revise and go through the important topics that might be asked in the examination. Moreover, it also gives the student enough time to read all the chapters line by line, which helps them in achieving a better and crystal clear understanding of the concepts that are conveyed by the writer or the poet. 

One thing to understand with a subject such as Hindi is that it requires immense practice and mastery over grammar, which will further aid in communication and comprehensive tests. Grammar in Hindi is much more complex and diverse in comparison to other languages, therefore it requires more time, patience and practice to have a good command of it. If one is able to attain a good hold on the grammar of Class 9th Hindi and its various components, it becomes easier for them to understand the concepts that will be taught in the higher classes. Thus, it is important for the student to practice as much as possible to be able to have a good grasp of it.

But many times one notices that the atmosphere before the examinations is almost gloomy and tense. Students feel like more is left to be done even when they have completed and practised their syllabus. Anything in comparison feels the bare minimum, and they desire to get hold of more articles or reference materials in order to attain good grades in the examinations. Many hands are often seen folded, praying that the questions asked in the exams are not something that they have not studied or gone through. And many others have just given up, and are ready to face what comes their way in the examination hall. Students find themselves in a dilemma as they are unable to decide what guidebooks will help them in scoring well in the examinations.

To aid the student in this confusion, CBSE has provided them with the NCERT solutions that are designed specifically for them, keeping in mind their needs and requirements. These solutions are designed by student matter experts with extreme dedication and precision. The language used is simple and easily comprehensible, helping with the easy understanding of the important topics and concepts. In addition to these NCERT Solutions, it also has solved previous years’ question papers through which the student will be able to deduce the pattern of the questions asked in the examination. Students can easily avail the PDFs of these Solutions from any online website. 

These are available for the Class 9 Hindi book solutions as well which the student can access easily. They are advised to follow these Solutions and practice the exercises given so that they can write the examination with confidence and assurance. The answers to each question that a particular chapter offers is explained in a detailed and easy to comprehend language, which helps the student in deducing the essence of that particular chapter. Taking the help of solutions will not help you prepare for your CBSE exams but also for several competitive exams. It is equally important to take the help of your teacher to understand the approach to follow NCERT solutions. All the best for your exams.

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