How to Master Headshot Photography


Some photographers and many people believe that headshot photography is one of the easiest forms of photography. It only needs your client to sit still while you take a couple of pictures. However, the process may look very easy and quick but it requires a lot of focus, right angles, and perfection.

The headshot photos are usually taken by the clients to be used for professional forums or platforms, social media websites, etc. Since these photos will be used for some very important works, the photographer has to make sure that the photos are taken professionally and are perfect for the work.

Below are some techniques that will help you become a Professional Headshot Photographer.

  • Understand Your Client’s Needs: Before you take a headshot photo of your client, it is always suggested that you understand what they will like to see in their photographs. Before you suggest them anything, ask them about how they wish their headshot to look like. Ask if the photo is going to be used for a professional website. Take suggestions from your clients about the color of the background, the pose, etc.

  • Give Suggestions: Once you know everything your client is looking for, you will be able to suggest them about the clothing and poses. If your client asks for a dark shade backdrop, you can suggest them to keep a lighter one so that the lighting matches. Ask them to dress up professionally and keep their look as natural as they can which should match their everyday look.
  • Hype your client: When you start taking shots, it is important that your client is comfortable with you. If your client gives the right pose, be quick to praise them ask them to give you more of those poses. If they give a weird or awkward pose, talk to them about it and ask them to change it for the next shots.
  • Lighting & Background: If you are shooting in a studio, make sure that the lighting is perfect. If you are shooting outdoors, choose the backdrop carefully. Unique urban architecture, graffiti walls, etc are the best backdrops you can look for.

  • Camera Lens & Settings: Try taking shots from different lenses and change your camera settings until you and your client are satisfied with the result. There is no rule in choosing a particular setting or lens. You have to try and see what works best for you and your client.

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