Learn About Some of The Latest Mercedes Benz G Class Models


There are several things that make Mercedes G Class models stand out from the rest of its competitors in the market. Let us dive into details of each of the latest G Class models.

Why are G class so appealing to people?

G class is extraordinarily versatile, legendarily tough, and highly popular with design-mindset. The amazing settings provided by the new G mode assist the driver to get over the bumpy roads easily.

This vehicle offers remarkable sport-utility cars that have finer and softer curves to provide smoother rides. The latest version of G class offers fans some enticing enhancements in terms of both performance and technology.

What is so special about the new Mercedes G class models?

Mercedes G Class has been launched with some significant enhancements compared to its earlier releases. This new version is made to be wider by almost 4.7 inches and longer in size by 2.0 inches as compared to the old one. This increase in size made the cabin a lot spacious.

You will find several slots for storage of phones, cords, sunscreen, and cups. Split-folded back seats are best suited for pushing in baggage for the trip. The extra dimensions provided in the new version of G Class are 2.1 inches longer as well as 4.8 inches wider as compared to its predecessor.

The different types of Mercedes Benz G Class models

G 550 and G 63 AMG

In both the models, the fundamentals have remained intact. You will definitely appreciate its V-8 engine, the signature boxy, LED-based daytime running lights, side mirrors, the all-wheel drive, and geometric profile. Interiors now come with an additional layer of wood and leather options.

Each G class model comes with sonar-based assistance to make it easy into tight spots. Another distinctive feature is Distronic Plus that is a form of intelligent cruise control that applies brakes automatically when your car gets too near to the vehicle in front, blind-spot detection, and a 7 inches HD screen to offer latest information and navigation system. The engine of G 550 model, comes loaded with 382 hp and eco stop and start mechanism that cuts off the idle state of the engine.


All of these significant and valuable additions in the new G Class model helps in reducing fuel consumption and offers a smoother ride to its fans all across the globe.

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