Mark Roemer Oakland Describes Easy Ways You Can Lower Health Risks at Work



According to Mark Roemer Oakland, it is vital to come up with ways to reduce health risks at work. This approach is crucial in maintaining the risks in your workplace, and you must check if you are taking the required steps to reduce the harm.

The Ways

Listed below are some of the steps you must take to lower health risks at work.

  1. You need to identify the hazards- This is the most important step for lowering health risks at work. Have a careful look at your workplace and identify all the health hazards. You should discover all the activities and substances which pose a risk to the health of your employees.

A helpful tip that you can follow to rule out these risks is to check the manufacturer’s instructions for every piece of equipment at your workplace. Also, don’t forget to look at the record of accidents as this will help you to be careful. And, most importantly, don’t overlook the long-term health hazards and take the necessary precautions.

  1. Who is more prone to the risks- You must observe the employees who might be harmed in your workplace as this step can help reduce future risks. For instance, employees with disabilities can be more prone to specific health hazards, and you must pay more attention to them. Also, to make things easier, you can maintain a list of the employees with disorders that can worsen with the association of your work activities.
  1. Evaluation of the health risks- After the identification, you need to find out the chances of the health risks in your workplace. It is important to take note of the level of risk and how to face it. However, risks are part of everyone’s lives, and it is obviously not possible for you to get rid of all of them. But you must make sure that you identify and take the necessary steps to reduce its impact on health.
  1. Protection equipment- After properly analyzing the health hazards and those at risk, you must provide protective equipment to employees. These pieces of equipment must be enforced only after proper monitoring, and you need to teach the workers how to use gloves, goggles, hard hats, and other such equipment.
  1. Ensure that your employees are not overworked- You must ensure an adequate staffing level so that the employees don’t need to do overwork. The heavy workload can lead to stress and exhaustion for those workers. To reduce the chances of accidents due to exhaustion, you can hire part-time staff.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that no matter how much you prepare, chances of risks always prevail. When such an incident occurs and a worker is injured, you must be prepared for the situation. This preparedness would make sure that there is no delay, and the best is done for the worker’s safety. You also need to train employees to make sure they understand the importance of safety in the workplace. Plus, they must learn to follow all the safety measures. All these steps would help in reducing health risks at work.

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