Protect Your Pet with a Solid Insurance Policy


You get pet insurance for the same reason you get medical insurance for you and your family. The costs of unexpected medical bills are often too much to handle, and the same goes for veterinary care for your pets.

The high costs of veterinary care often force people to seek treatment from less reputable institutions or avoid it altogether. Too often, people are forced to make the decision between putting their pet to sleep or taking a major financial hit, but with the right insurance, you can confidently secure the best care for your pet’s injury or illness.

What’s Covered?

Insurance for dogs and cats is widely available, and it is the most common type of insurance available for pets. Each insurance provider will have several different coverage options, and they are usually divided into the following three categories:

  • Accident coverage
  • Illness coverage
  • Routine care

These are the three general categories, but different insurance providers might have different variations, as well as different combinations of the three. Accidental injury and illness are often paired together as a more comprehensive coverage option.

The “routine care” option is a pet insurance policy that provides some degree of coverage for a number of optional yet important services such as de-sexing, teeth cleaning, and vaccinations, among others. If you are looking for maximum coverage for your pet, you will want to select a policy that groups all three categories together.

What Affects the Cost?

While it more or less achieves the same purpose, pet insurance is undoubtedly more affordable than most other types of insurance. However, there are a handful of different factors that might affect the cost.

For example, some dog and cat breeds are prone to certain conditions, putting them at a higher risk, but other factors aside from breed include sex, species, age, whether or not your pet has been de-sexed, and of course the policy you select.

Get the Best Possible Care

Your insurance providers typically won’t restrict you to any particular veterinarians, meaning you can keep the same veterinarian or start seeing somebody who has a better reputation.

What’s important is that your pet gets the right treatment and recovers as quickly as possible, and an insurance policy will make this easier. Since your insurance providers will cover as much as 80% of the costs of veterinary care, you can react to an illness or an injury without hesitation or with a little more confidence that the treatment will be financially feasible for you.

Convenient Online Services

If you are interested in pet insurance, you can easily apply online after exploring the different policy options. Once you make a decision, you will simply be asked to submit basic information about you and your pet and fill out any necessary forms.

Once you become an insurance holder, everything else you need will be able to be found online as well. Claim forms, direct credit forms, ligament exam forms, and other documents should all be conveniently located on your insurance provider’s website.

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