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Do you own or planning to buy a Toyota car? Learning a little about the company can help you make an informed purchase. Much like you would when choosing a Toyota repair shop, quick research can help you establish if the brand is the right fit for your needs. Toyota was founded in Japan by Sakichi Toyoda. It didn’t start as a car manufacturing company, though. Sakichi invented the first automatic loom and, in 1918, set up the Toyoda Spinning and Weaving Company. The automatic loom captured the attention of varying players as it called attention to problems by stopping.  To date, it is a significant consideration and a feature observed in Toyota production processes.

As the loom gained popularity, Platt Brothers, a British Company, bought its production and sales rights. The sales proceeds are what facilitated the development of automotive technology. Sakichi gave the proceeds to his son, Kiichiro, who would go ahead and develop the technology at Toyoda. Around 1936, Toyoda launched their first passenger car, leading to the birth of Toyota Motor Company. Interestingly, the name was revised to ease pronunciation. With the growing sales and popularity, Toyota vehicles production started to expand beyond Japan. This went beyond Toyota’s plants to include subsidiaries and affiliates.

Toyota Corolla; you’ve probably seen, owned, or know someone who drives the model. It is among the most popular models that made its way into the market in 1966, and to date, continues to be a go-to for many consumers. Shortly after its debut, Toyota Corolla would go ahead and become one of the best-selling cars in the world. It held the title for over three decades, with the company boasting over 40 million sales by 2016, with no sign of its demand slowing down. The car features several models, with the basics including compact engine and body, making it as reliable as a VW Beetle.

Having won a significant market share in Japan, and with the growing revenue, Toyota continued to tap into other markets. This includes South East Asia and Latin America, where the sales, like in other regions, within a short period, hit new highs. Among the top reasons Toyota hit new levels in every market is that it specialized in compact vehicles. The company produces economy cars that make their offerings an everyday solution.

Although Toyota, in its early years, specialized as an economy brand, it would proceed and tap into the luxury vehicles market. The Lexus brand quickly hit the market, competing with renowned models like Jaguar, BMW, and Mercedes. Today, Toyota is a well-known automobiles company, with the Prius being among the best hybrid and electric cars in the modern market. The company continues to offer a combination of quality and value at great bargains, propelling its popularity in the competitive market.

Today, owning a Toyota comes in handy, keeping its extensive reach in mind. With the available parts and professional Lexus repair shop services, you’ll find it easier to keep your car in top shape.

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