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It’s important for each teacher to possess a personal philosophy of teacher education with different group of values and concepts. It ought to reflect the individual’s ideologies and philosophies training and also the overall growth and development of the kids. It might be an important aspect in guiding the kids perfectly into a effective existence.

The favourite and important individuals who led to the introduction of the planet had personal, deeply insightful educational philosophies by themselves. Albert Einstein, Paul Freire and Rudolf Steiner were many people who authored and adopted effective educational philosophies within their careers.

John Dewey, probably the most prominent educational philosophers, in the book ‘Democracy and Education’, even devoted a whole chapter on teacher education philosophy and discusses various aspects that play a formative role within the education of kids. Philosophies of teacher education could be considered Liberal, Behaviorist, Progressive, Humanistic and Radical. All these has specific purposes in education and defines the function of the teacher and the relationship using the learner, within the unique outlook during particular philosophical contexts. The liberal philosophy is aimed at developing intellectual forces, as the behavior ideologies concentrate on the survival skills of a person and also the role of your practice in teaching them. The Progressive philosophy motivates cultural growth and development of a person to be able to produce societal change, whereas the Humanistic trends consider the overall growth and development of the personality and characteristics of the individual. And also the radical philosophers are curious about advantageous changes which should take place in a society every so often, and also the role of your practice in getting about political, social and economical changes.

Teacher education philosophy has become utilized as a significant online marketing strategy by teachers and it has become an extremely important component of the teacher’s resume. It has evolved to end up part of the teacher’s personal profile, which outlines all his essential skills and different characteristics, and highlights his specialties.

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