Tips for Starting an Embroidery Business from Home


There was once a time when embroidery enthusiasts had to contend with hand embroidery and sewing to get projects done. With the advances in technology, hand embroidery is now no longer necessary, although many still enjoy it as a hobby. New machines now allow us to start our own embroidery business from home, the machines are so compact, we don’t even need to rent factory space to get going. Here are some tips for starting a home-based embroidery business.

Online Inspiration

If you are a skilled embroiderer who has always dreamed of starting up your own business, you should look to the internet for inspiration. There are many stories online about people in a similar situation as yourself who decided to quit their boring 9 to 5 jobs and pursue something they really had a passion for.

In addition to finding inspiration, you’ll also find plenty of useful tips from other individuals who have been through the process and know the pitfalls. When you know more about their experience, it will make it easier for you to avoid hazards with your own project.


When starting an embroidery business from home, there is one thing you cannot do without – a quality embroidery machine. You won’t be able to embroider or sew anything unless you invest in a modern, commercial embroidery unit. Experts who specialise in Thailand embroidery have plenty of first-class commercial machines available to buy at affordable prices. You just need to contact a reputable supplier and discuss your specific needs.

You may be thinking at this stage that the domestic machine you have out in the garage will do to get you started, but it won’t. You’ll need a commercial embroidery machine with hi-tech components that can withstand hours of daily use. All the equipment and materials you’ll need for your business will depend on your clientele, so be sensible when purchasing inventory.

Potential Customers

One of the best things about starting a business in the embroidery industry is your demographic, there are so many companies and organisations that use embroidery services. You can choose to focus on a specific market, such as universities, or you can broaden your range and look for clients in any of these places.

  • Food Industry – Restaurants, Bars, Fast Food, etc.
  • Sports Clubs
  • Institutes of Learning
  • Retail Stores
  • Weddings

Early Stages

In the beginning, you should create a website to help your clients understand the services you provide. It is a good idea to outline your creative process to ensure future clients understand the purpose of your business. As you start to network, focus on small local businesses and sports clubs. This will help you gain experience and gradually build and retain your clientele.

Starting your own embroidery business from home will be a challenge, but if you’ve a true passion for embroidery and a desire to succeed anything is possible. Before you go out on your own, do as much research as possible about the best strategies to help you get started. Invest in a good embroidery machine and contact a reputable supplier.

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