Ultimate Guide On Pitch Fibre Drains


Before the 1970s, clay pipes were the norm, but pitch fibre became popular as a cheaper and more lightweight alternative. Pitch fibre drains were the ideal choice for homes and businesses during the massive construction boom of the mid-20th century since they were inexpensive to produce and simple to install.

Fibre pipes, unfortunately, haven’t performed as well as hoped. To begin, they have a short expected lifespan of 40 years. Second, modern drainage requirements are too great for pitch fibre to handle. Bubbles emerge in pitch fibre pipes when hot water constantly moves through them. Pitch fibre pipes are also more vulnerable to the corrosive effects of oils, fats, and grease than more sophisticated drainage solutions; because of this, cracks, damage, and blocked drains are much more likely to occur in pitch fibre pipes.

How Can I Identify Pitch Fibre Pipes?

A drainage survey is the most specific technique to examine your plumbing system. The kind of pipe material and any cracks or damage location may be determined quickly and precisely using a CCTV drain survey. If your home has pitch fibre pipes, you should contact a drainage company to determine if they can repair the pipelines or if you must replace them entirely.

Is It Possible To Fix Pitch Fibre Pipes?

Don’t give up hope; there are various techniques to repair pitch fibre pipelines. The Picote cutter is a lateral cutter utilised in the sewage system maintenance procedure. Plumbers inserted it into the pipe and carried it to the clogged drains. Therefore, digging is optional while cleaning or repairing drains.

After the liner has been installed and hardened, the drains will be significantly strengthened and will no longer experience the typical issues of pitch fibre drainage systems.

Depending on the problem, they can use a polyester liner with resin to reinforce pitch fibre pipes, although other liners. Repairing pipes with a liner is advantageous since it does not require excavation to access the pipes. Repairing pitch-fibre pipelines by inserting a liner is a no-dig method commonly completed in a single day.

Can I Install New Pipelines?

There is undoubtedly a contemporary replacement for pitch fibre pipes. However, unlike a liner repair and Picote cutter, replacing pipes is a major undertaking that will take longer.

You may need to replace pitch fibre drains if the drain has collapsed or sustained significant damage. If that’s the case, you’ll need to replace the affected pipes to fix the problem and prevent any subsequent drainage problems. However, pitch fibre pipe repair may be better if the current damage is less extensive.

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on your pipes since lining functional or moderately damaged pitch fibre pipes can assist in maintaining them in good operating order and prevent the need for a full excavation.

Finale Takeaway

Pitch fibre pipes are an antiquated technology. Pitch fibre pipe replacement or repair can improve the long-term reliability of a home’s sewage and drainage systems and increase the home’s resale value.

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