What are the Things to Look Out For in the Apartment Inspection?


The day you put your signature in the lease or agreement for a new apartment is both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There will be a million questions milling inside your mind about the neighbors, landlords, your stuff moving in the apartment and so much more. But before you move into a new rental apartments in West Phoenix, have an apartment inspection conducted to ensure that everything is in a top notch condition as well as clean and safe.

Throughout the apartment

  1. Walls

Look for cracks, holes and proof of water leaks particularly around windows and vents. If you find holes from pictures not that the landlord was aware of it. Make sure that the paint job is professional and the color matches throughout. Do the same inspection on ceilings too.

  1. Electrical outlet

Ensure that every plug in the apartment works. Plug something small into every outlet to inspect and make sure it is not pungent. Seek for burns around the outlets and cracks in the over.

  1. Cable hookup

Ensure that all cables, internet and fiber optic outlets are in top notch conditions, and not blocked as well. If the space has a satellite dish, check that it is secure and there are no leaks found around the connection to the unit.

  1. Smoke detectors

Ensure that there are smoke detectors near each bedroom, the front door and the kitchen. Test them to check if they are working okay.

  1. Lightning

Turn on all the lights in the room to make sure that they are all working fine. Look for burn marks or cracks around the light fixtures and recessed lightings.

In the bathroom

  1. Toilet

Flush the toilet and ensure that it works. The bowl should refill properly and rapidly and should stop running in proper times. Look for bad odors, cracks, nicks, and check if the seat is sturdy.

  1. Sink

Turn on all the faucets. This is done to check the water pressure. See how long the water takes to change the desired temperature. Make sure there are no drips or leaks from the faucets as well as the plumbing underneath.

  1. Shower

Turn on the shower to see if the water heats up in proper time. Check the water pressure as well and see if there is no excessive dripping after you turn the shower off. Also look at the tiles and grout for molds and chips.

  1. Tub

When you turn on the shower make sure that the water drains in sufficient time. Stand in the tub and feel if it is giving out something, if it does, the flooring is damaged by the mold underneath.

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