Why Should I Take Advantage of Free Trial Offers for Contract Management Software?


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A free trial enables consumers to evaluate a product or service without incurring any costs for a certain period. A free trial of contract management software, on the other hand, refers to the opportunity to use the program for a limited period for free.

A free trial aims to enable consumers to determine whether or not the product is a good fit for them before making a purchase. When searching for contract management software, you may come across many choices that include the phrase “contract management software free trial.”

However, what does this imply?

What is a software trial version

A free software trial is a piece of software provided to clients for free for a limited amount of time to evaluate it.

Options for a free trial

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A free trial period allows you to enjoy the advantages of free software without incurring any further expenses, but only for a short period. After the trial time expires, you will be asked to pay a membership fee to continue using the service.

Due to its transitory nature, a free software trial enables you to evaluate and utilize the program without incurring any expenses before making a significant commitment. This unrestricted access to testing the software features allows you to choose the appropriate system with little risk or outlay of funds, ensuring that you are not locked onto the wrong system. Nonetheless, not all free trials are created equal.

Businesses may provide one of two types of free trials:

  • A risk-free trial period upon registration (Opt-in trial)
  • A trial period with an opt-out clause (Opt-out trial)

An opt-in free trial lets you join up for a free trial without providing any financial information in advance. Payment information is collected only when you decide to upgrade from the free trial to a paid membership.

Before you may use the product during an opt-out free trial, you must provide payment information. This model usually begins invoicing you automatically after the trial period. If you neglect to cancel before the trial period expires, you will be automatically billed. Additionally, some businesses make the canceling procedure unnecessarily complicated.

As a user and prospective customer, you face the least risk with an opt-in free trial.

Suggestions for maximizing your free trial

Many free trial periods run between 14 and 30 days, which is insufficient to evaluate a new contract management software thoroughly. The following suggestions will assist you in making the most of your free trial period, allowing you to thoroughly evaluate the program before deciding if it is worth buying in.

  • Restrict your choices:

If you’re looking for a new software system, you do not want to test them all. The best course of action is to limit your search to one to three viable choices and then begin one free software trial at a time.

  • Request a demonstration:

Since you only have a limited amount of time to evaluate the tool, it’s critical to come up to speed as soon as possible. By requesting a demo in advance of your free trial, you can learn how to navigate and utilize the program efficiently and effectively.

  • Plan your assessment strategy:

When you were reducing your choices, you almost certainly developed a list of critical characteristics or functions that you want. For instance, maybe your company requires that your software support the development and usage of numerous contract frameworks. As a result, this should be one of the first features you try throughout your trial time.

It’s a good idea to make a list of all the features and functions you’re searching for in a software solution before starting your free trial. After that, you may prioritize them from “essential” to “good to have” and prepare to test them in that order. This method enables you to ensure that the system meets all of your requirements before making a final purchase decision.

  • Collaborate with your team:

Participating in the free trial with your contract team offers a variety of benefits. It reduces testing time by allowing each team member to test a subset of features or functionalities. Additionally, it enables you to get different perspectives to guarantee that all critical elements of the program are addressed.

  • Use actual data:

While it may be tempting to test the software by populating it with dummy data or fictitious contracts and tasks, the best way to determine whether the system works is to use actual data. By incorporating real-world data from your business, you can ensure that the software will meet your specific requirements, not just simplistic scenarios.

  • Integrate the program with other tools and apps you use:

If the product supports integrations, you should link them to see how well they function together. The objective is to determine whether the system can be used in the manner you currently work or if process changes will be required.

  • Take a look at the resources available to you:

As part of your free trial, it’s critical to familiarize yourself with the vendor’s support resources, including live help, community forums, and other accessible resources.

Take Away

A free trial is completely risk-free, so you have nothing to lose except your valuable time. There is no obligation and no commitment of any sort – so why not take advantage of the opportunity to see what a solution has to offer?

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